Counselling for children and adolescents in English

My name is Veronika Csík, I am a child and adolescent clinical psychologist, and a psychodrama assistant. During my undergraduate studies, I started to teach psychology and participated in an international research about the risk factors of children's depression. Currently I work in the field of Hungarian state care and child protection services.

In accordance with my further training, views and interests, I utilize approaches of play therapy, integrative child therapy and developmental psychopathology during my work with children and adolescents.

If you are a parent who - along with your family - moved to Hungary either temporarily or permanently, you may have noticed changes in your child's behaviour, emotional and/or social status - changes which concern you.

  • If you are interested in whether these changes stem from your child's difficulties to adjust to the new circumstances, cultural views, changes in the family, or signal problems which may originate from earlier, possibly symptomatic divergence of developmental processes;
  • Or your child has had a history of problems of psychological nature, and you are ready to re-engage in psychological work feel free to contact me for consultation.

Csík Veronika