Couples therapy in English

Couples therapy helps clients to understand and resolve their conflicts and to reinforce the relationship

With the help of couples therapy members can:

--learn to understand each other

--sort out their problems

--learn to use debates to clarify opposing views instead of furthering marital breach

Couples therapies may be short term - in these cases the aim is to work through a particular crisis. If, however, the future of the couple is in question, therapies can take as long as several months.

The therapy is conducted by one or two therapists, sessions usually take place every second week.

A session is 90 minutes long.

Disease, infidelity, sexual problems, difficulties in anger management or communication are often tough for spouses or couples to shoulder. Couples therapy aids to overcome conflicts and hardships implied in these situations.

Compared with dating, people who are married or live together have a longer history with a greater amount of commitment. This larger span of time is a good opportunity for the relationship to progress, but there can be certain threatening challenges, too. Only strong and sufficiently cared-for relationships will stand the test of time and successfully address challenges.

Some common difficulties:

--appearance of a third party

--excessive jealousy

--uncertainty concerning the continuation of the relationship

--recurring pattern of misunderstanding and dispute

What might be at the root of these phenomena?

--from the very beginning, parties fail or don't have the courage to communicate their needs and vision with regard to the relationship

--members ignore different family background or relational patterns

--they don't come to realize the potential dangers of a widening gap between them (e.g. diverging interests)

--they lack the courage to openly discuss needs and difficulties of a sexual nature

--gender roles get mixed up or reversed

These problems do not necessarily pose a threat, since in their solution lies the possibility to improve the relationship and its general standard.

Usually, half of the damaged relationships can be saved with the help of couples therapy. If, however, members choose to split/divorce, this form of therapy might give them clues to come to this decision. Thus, the couple is spared from months of emotional turmoil, and a more peaceful termination becomes possible. Couples therapy also functions as a platform where parents' better cooperation can be perfected following divorce.

If you or your partner have a growing awareness that your relationship is going through a rough patch, and you don't know how to straighten things out, or whether it's worth the effort at all, it's time to give couples therapy a chance.

Couples therapy:

--helps to restore the relationship

--helps to arrive at the conclusion that termination might be a better solution for both of you

Whichever is your path, couples therapy helps to understand the relationship and make a sound decision.


Therapy sessions are led by Dr. Tóth Nárcisz and Schlemmer Noémi